United Daughters of the Confederacy (R)
OFFICERS 2012-2014
Lois Harwood Marlow (Mrs. Jimmy C., Sr.)
2nd Vice President
Gail E. Sifford (Mrs. John R.)
Caroline N. Odom
Recorder of Military Service Awards
Margaret M. Sink (Mrs. Ammon A.)
Karen J. Edwards (Mrs. Peter H.)
Mildred C. Goss
Vice President
Patricia H. Gasson (Mrs. John J.)
Recording Secretary
Donna W. Snipes (Mrs. David L.)
3rd Vice President
Michele N. Miller (Mrs. B. Scott)
Chief executive officer and official spokeswoman for the North
Carolina Division United Daughters of the Confederacy
Assists the President in the discharge of her duties; assumes the
duties of President in her absence; processes insignia orders
Divison Director of Educational Work; Chairperson of Education
Committee; oversees the awarding of scholarships
Director of the North Carolina Division Children of the Confederacy
Records the proceedings of meetings of the Division; oversees the
preparation of minutes of the North Carolina Division
Financial agent of the Divison; receives monies and signs checks
Processes all applications for membership, supplementals and
transfers within the Division
Encourages interest in historial work within the Division and
collects all historical essays; process applications for Jefferson
Davis Gold Medals
Processes applications for bestowal of Crosses of Military
Service and other Military Awards within the Division