United Daughters of the Confederacy(R)
North Carolina Division, Inc
Division Convention Forms
2016 Division Convention Call
Make plans to attend the NC Division Convention in
Greensboro on October 5-8, 2016
NC Division Page Protocol
Important information for Pages at NC Division events
UDC Member Protocol
Important information for all UDC members
Credentials Report
Form to be used for NC Division Convention
Division Convention Program Template
Election year - to be posted soon

Bylaws year - to be posted soon
Division Convention Call Template
Election year - to be posted soon

Bylaws year - to be posted soon
Division President Forms
2014-2016 Division President's Project -
Monument Inspection & Repair
Inspection Report - Monuments & Statues

Repairs Report - Monuments & Statues
2016 Division President's Project -
Benevolent Activity

Daughters for Safe Sisters
2016 Division President's Project -
Historical Activity

Books for a Better Southern Education
Division 2nd Vice President
NC UDC Education Circular
email Division 2nd Vice President to request
application forms
Education - Scholarship Report
For Chapter 2nd Vice Presidents
Division Vice President Forms
Items to Purchase
Visit Items to Purchase to order NC pins
Division 3rd Vice President
NC Division CofC
Visit the NC Division CofC website for info
Division Recording Secretary
Incoming Officer List
For Chapter Presidents
Chapter Rating Sheet
For Chapter Presidents - due July 15, 2016
Motion Form
Division Treasurer Forms
Reinstatement Process for UDC Membership
Send $45.00 payable to NC Division Treasurer with
name of member to reinstate and chapter name.
The NC Division Treasurer has the form to process
the Reinstatement. This pays current year's dues and
reinstatement fees for General and Division.  
Remittance Voucher  - to be updated for Feb. 15,
2017 due date
For Chapter Treasurers 2017
Requisition Voucher
For Officers & Committee Chairmen reimbursement
Individual Contribution Form
Please consider making a contribution to a Division
Annual Financial Form
Chapter and Club Treasurers to complete and submit
to Division Treasurer by October 31
IRS Info
The Federal required filing of an e-postcard, aka,
Form 990-N, must be done online anytime between
September 1 and January 15. An emailed receipt from
the IRS will be received when the filing is completed.  
A copy must be sent to the Division Treasurer.  The
Chapter's EIN must be included.
Go to Members Login to access forms and manuals
from the General Organization
Southern Cross of Honor Report
2016 General Convention Call
Make plans to attend the UDC General Convention in
Richmond, VA on November 3-7, 2016
Division Registrar Forms
Fee Schedule
General and Division Fees
Division Historian Forms
Historical Essay & Art Topics
Member and Student Topics for 2017
Newsletter Submission Update
Change for submission of Newsletters - Effective
Division Chaplain Forms
Deceased Member Form
Please report all deaths immediately so that they may
be acknowledged and included in the Division
Memorial Service.  The Division Chaplain will report all
deaths to the Chaplain of General and the
Report to Division Chaplain
For Chapter Presidents - due September 8, 2017
Division Committee Forms
Benevolent Activities
Guidelines for items acceptable for reporting
Corresponding Secretary Memo
Guidelines for submission of year end reporting for
2014-2016 PATRIOTIC Projects
President General's Project
The ActionTrack Chair for Veterans

Division President's Project
Vietnam War Commemoration 50 Years
Division Scrapbook Committee Request
Every Chapter is encouraged to submit items for the
Annual Division Scrapbook
VA Medical Facilities and the VAVS
Important information regarding transactions with VA
Medical Centers
Chapter Website Guidelines
Website Approval Form