United Daughters of the Confederacy(R)
North Carolina Division, Inc
President Chief executive officer and official spokeswoman for the North Carolina
Division United Daughters of the Confederacy
Peggy W. Johnson (Mrs. Troy E.)
2nd Vice President Chairperson of Education Committee; oversees the
awarding of North Carolina Division Scholarships
Beth Zeiss
Treasurer Financial agent of the Division; receives monies and signs checks
Maintains Division membership database. Processes member reinstatements
Caroline N. Mazzeo
Recorder of Military Service Awards Processes applications for
Crosses of Military Service, National Defense Medals, Armed Forces
Expeditionary Medals, or Global War on Terrorism Medals
Karen J. Edwards
Historian Processes historical essays & artwork; processes applications for
Jefferson Davis Gold Medals
Patsy J. Whitfield
Registrar Processes all applications, supplementals, and transfers within the
Mildred C. Goss
Vice President Assists the President in the discharge of her duties; processes
all applications for insignia as well as Winnie Davis and Stonewall Jackson awards
Laura G. Harris
Recording Secretary Records the proceedings of meetings of the Division;
oversees the preparation of minutes of the North Carolina Division
Paula B. James
3rd Vice President Director of the North Carolina Division CofC
Michelle Powers