United Daughters of the Confederacy(R)
North Carolina Division, Inc
North Carolina Division
Children of the Confederacy
NC CofC Chapters with UDC Sponsoring Chapter and Director

Butner - Brave Young Joe Cash 942 (Joseph H. Cash 2647 UDC) Jessica Glasgow

Charlotte - Charlotte Grays 844 (Stonewall Jackson 220 UDC) Debbie Walker

Durham - Bennett Place 967 (Bennett Place 2241 UDC) Ruthann Mittelstadt

Greensboro - Burke Davis 478  (Guilford 301 UDC) Michele Miller

Greensboro - Lizzie Lindsay 776  (Guilford 301 UDC) Michele Miller

Louisburg - First Flag 852 (Joseph J. Davis 537) Dianna Lee

Mooresville- Bentonville Grays 930  (Battle of Bentonville 818 UDC) Katherine Morefield

Robert F. Hoke 867 (Capt. Samuel A. Ashe 2572 UDC) Karen Powers

Salisbury - Charles F. Fisher 73  (Robert F. Hoke 78 UDC) Julie Hunter

Washington - Washington Grays 1  (Pamilco 43 UDC) Colleen Lupton

Wilmington - George Davis 6  (Cape Fear 3 UDC)  Martha Watson
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The Stainless Banner

The Second National Flag
The Flag of the Children of the Confederacy
79th NC Division CofC Convention
April 29-30, 2016
Greensboro, NC

CofC NC Division Convention Call

62nd General CofC Convention
July 21-24, 2016
Chattanooga, TN

President ~ Ashley Gray

Vice President ~ Loren Sterling

2nd Vice President ~ Caroline Sterling

3rd Vice President ~ Patrick Sterling

Recording Secretary ~ Carly Lamm

Treasurer ~ Morgan Morefield

Historian ~ Leann Miller

Chaplain ~ Taylor Morefield

Custodian ~ Kirkland Hunter

Editor ~ William Gray